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Prevention and Treatment of Hypotension in Obstetric Surgery (PATHOS): Current practice in blood pressure management in lower segment caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia

A multi-centre prospective audit of adult patients undergoing LSCS under spinal anaesthesia was undertaken across the West Midlands, UK. Anonymised patient data was obtained during routine perioperative care and audited across primary, process and patient outcomes. The primary audit outcome was maintenance of intraoperative systolic blood pressure (SBP) at ≥90% baseline.

Authors and collaborators:

  • Lead authors (equal co-authors): J Blackburn, EJ Yates, MS Jarvis
  • Supervising Consultants: CL Small, J Kerr, J Patel, J Yeung
  • Local (Co-)Trainee Leads: Z Riddell, N Agarwal, C Dixon, S Nathoo, J Reason, R Parmar, E Clark, B Lewis, M Aukland, K Tadrak, S Menezes, K Sainsbury, L Tooley, S Delahunt, SJ Dunn, B Williams, S Norris, P Osuri, D Pandya, P Checketts, R Maniar
  • Local Consultant Leads: J Pilsbury, J Greenwood, H Bawdon, M Ramamoorthy, A Bhat, S Moore, P Prasad, A Fairfield, B Olojede, H Yanny, A Ayub, G Dashputre, V Girotra
  • Local investigators: D Terzi, A Morgan, E Smith, Z Hutkova, A Stone, L Gelsthorpe-Lewis, B Allen, R Jootun, N Laxa, A Louvieris, O Afelumo, D Ball, M Saghir, D McDonald, S Anver, R Atkar, O Adewuyi, S El-Badawi, S Ikram, D Williams, A Nagaraja Rao, J Patel, J Pick, M Gudipati, T Vaz, S Zahid, C Ibeneme, R Cheema, K Gandhi, B Ong, R Egot, R Sterry Blunt
  • Additional Acknowledgement: C Hailstone